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Keynote Speakers:

Tom Edwards
xecutive Director, CLEAR Foundation

Tom Edwards is the Executive Director of The CLEAR Foundation, a national non-profit organization dedicated to bringing computer literacy to all of America's citizens. Prior to forming CLEAR, Tom was a criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia, PA handling high profile criminal cases in both state and federal courts. Mr. Edwards began his legal and business career with Tenneco, Inc. and spent ten years in their petroleum, wholesale marketing, and governmental relations divisions. A graduate of Seton Hall University (B.A., J.D.), Mr. Edwards has been active in business, government, and community affairs for the past 25 years.

Douglas E. Van Houweling
Dean for Academic Outreach and Vice Provost for Information and Technology, University of Michigan

Douglas E. Van Houweling is Dean for Academic Outreach and Vice Provost for Information and Technology at the University of Michigan. As Dean for Academic Outreach, he is responsible for providing access to the University's learning environment, research activities, and service programs unconstrained by space and time. As Vice Provost for Information and Technology, he is responsible for the University's strategic direction in the information technology arena. Professor Van Houweling holds appointments in the School of Information, the University of Michigan Business School and in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts in the Department of Political Science.

Van Houweling plays a major role in the developing Internet environment in the United States. He is on the Steering Committee of the Internet 2 project with responsibility for partner relations. He is chairman of the Board of MERIT, Inc. a Michigan state-wide computing network. MERIT, in partnership with IBM, MCI and the Michigan Strategic Fund, was awarded responsibility for operation and management of the NSFNet national backbone network. Van Houweling is also chairman of the Board of Advanced Network and Services Corporation, the not-for-profit organization which implemented and operated the NSFNet backbone network from 1991 until 1995.

Van Houweling came to Michigan from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh where he was Vice Provost for Computing and Planning from 1981 until 1984. Before joining Carnegie-Mellon, Van Houweling was at Cornell University from 1970 to 1981 as Assistant Professor of Government. Starting in 1976 he took on the additional responsibility in Cornell Computer Services. By 1980 he was Director of Academic Computing and Central Computing Services. Dr. Van Houweling received his undergraduate degree from Iowa State University and his Ph.D. in Government from Indiana University.


Track Speakers:

John Alexander, President and Founder, The CBORD Group, Inc. CBORD develops and provides software for the food service profession. CBORD is one of the fastest-growing companies in Tompkins County and has clients and representatives all over the world. Alexander holds degrees in physics and business from Cornell University.

Warren Allmon, Director of the Paleontological Research Institution, "PRI: Ithaca's Virtual Museum of the Earth". Warren will give an update on PRI's educational Web site, including its plans for an innovative "virtual museum" that will guide visitors of all backgrounds and knowledge through a sampling of the Institution's enormous collections, and which can be used in the classroom to teach science at a variety of levels.

Margaret Barker, Education Outreach Classroom, Lab of Ornithology, Cornell University. "Citizen Science and the Internet". The Cornell Lab of Ornithology citizen science projects are beginning to use online data submissions and employ listserv discussions. We will discuss our experiences in using Internet capabilities with Project FeederWatch and Classroom FeederWatch.

Chuck Bartosch, Clarity Connect, Inc.

Dick Cogger, Director, Advanced Technologies and Planning, Cornell Information Technologies.

Carl Frederick, Chief Scientist, Trilenium Corporation. Trilenium is a research and development company creating software and hardware for online communication and information management. Frederick holds a Ph.D. in physics and has led a number of high-tech starts-ups in the Ithaca area.

Larry Fresinski, Trustee, Village of Lansing, "Web Do's & Don'ts for Municipalities". Government has an opportunity to partner with the public using the World Wide Web if it is used appropriately. Larry is a 27 year veteran of information technologies and has been a Trustee for the Village of Lansing for 4 years. He sees the world wide web as the latest vehicle which might help bridge the communications gap between government and its constituents.

Diane Gayeski, Associate Professor and Chair, Dept of Corporate Communication, Ithaca College, and Partner, OmniCom Associates, a company specializing in communication analysis, design and production. Diane Gayeski is widely acknowledged as a pioneer in interactive media. As a Partner in OmniCom Associates, she's helped hundreds of clients to develop their own resources to design and manage new communication technologies since 1980. She's used various types of networking to collaborate with clients, contractors, and fellow researchers for almost seventeen years. In addition to her work with OmniCom, she is Associate Professor and Chair of the dept of Corporate Communication at Ithaca College. Diane is the author of 7 books and is a frequent conference speaker on new technologies and corporate communication and training.

Marjorie Hodges, Policy Advisor to Cornell Information Technologies, Director of the Cornell Program on Computer Policy and Law. She has published articles and chapters on legal and ethical use of computers and networks and is a frequent speaker about these issues. Topics covered in national presentations and workshops include, electronic privacy, first amendment issues, legislation and regulation of the internet - including the Telecommunications Act and the Communications Decency Amendment, copyright in an electronic environment, individual and institutional liability and risk management through policy development and implementation.

Bill Kaupe, President, IthacaNet, Inc.

Marilyn E. Kinner, Executive Director, Tompkins County Senior Citzens Council, Inc., "The Forgotten Generation - Senior Citizens and Computing". Many older adults who retired before computers were common in the work place now find that if they are to remain in the mainstream of life it is essential that they learn how to use this new technology. Recognizing that for many this poses a challenge the Senior Citizens Council has developed a program to meet the special needs of the older population.

Born and raised in the U.K., Marilyn has a BSc. in Community and Human Services with an emphasis in aging from SUNY Empire State College. Employed in aging services for the past 23 years. "Having suffered from computer phobia I can relate to the trepidation with which many retirees approach computer technology."

Meredith Kusch, FeederWatch Coordinator, Lab of Ornithology, Cornell University. "Citizen Science and the Internet". (see Margaret Barker bio for more info).

H. David Lambert, Vice President for Information Technologies, Cornell University.

Cynthia LaPier, Director of Information and Instructional Technology, Ithaca City School District, "Where are we and where are we going? A Roadmap". A status report of technology development at ICSD, an overview of how they plan to focus on instructional computing and integration of technology tools into the curriculum. In her position, Cynthia is responsible for the ICSD library computer system, Internet services, and instructional technology. Before coming to Ithaca she was at SCT BOCES for 12 years.

Carl Ledbetter, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Hybrid Networks, Inc. His talk is entitled "The Economic Value of Human Impatience." Hybrid Networks, Inc., is based in Cupertino, CA. Ledbetter, who joined Hybrid in January, 1996, is an entrepreneur and executive with more than 20 years of technical and managerial experience in computers and networking.

Most recently, Ledbetter was at AT&T, an investor in Hybrid. As President of Consumer Products, he managed 12,000 employees at the AT&T Business Unit that designs, manufactures, markets, sells, and distributes telephones, answering machines, cordless phones, cellular phones, telephone accessories, and other intelligent devices. Industry analysts have placed the revenues of the Consumer Products Division at approximately $2 billion.

Previously, Ledbetter was a vice president at Sun Microsystems, where he managed SunSelect, Sun's fast-growing PC networking business. Ledbetter was a principal in Decision Point Consulting, whose high-technology clients included AT&T, BBN, Grumman Data Systems, IBM, venture capital firms on both coasts, and the U.S. Department of Commerce.

He also served as President and CEO of ETA Systems, a subsidiary of Control Data Corporation, and as director at one of IBM's largest laboratories. Prior to joining the computer industry, he taught mathematics at Wellesley College and Clark University.

Ledbetter holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Clark University. He also holds an M.A. in Mathematics from Brandeis University and a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Redlands.

Paul Lee, Assistant Superintendant, Putnam Valley School District. in Putnam County, NY. He has worked in education administration for 21 years, and for Putnam Valley Central Schools for the past six years. As Assistant Superintendent, his responsibilities include administration of the business office, tax collection office, buildings and grounds, transportation, school food services, and networks. Prior to Putnam Valley, Lee worked for the Yorktown Central Schools in Westchester County as School Business Administrator with similar responsibilities.

While he has had no formal training in computers or networks, Lee says he can best be described as self educated in these two areas. The training was "trial by terror". At Putnam Valley, Lee progressed from an Apple //e site in 1992-93 to a fully networked Mac environment with Macs in every classroom by 1995-96. He designed and, with the help of volunteers and staff, installed the district's network. At Yorktown Lee established its computer services department that ran all of the district's administrative and financial applications. He was also the system manager of the Digital VAX Cluster, and, in addition, was also responsible for the district's network.

John Levine, author of The Internet for Dummies . John Levine is best known as the author of "The Internet for Dummies". He has written or co-authored over a dozen other books, and speaks and consults on the Internet and technical computer topics. He lives in Trumansburg where he has an Internet-connected network wired up in his back bedroom. John was also recently elected to be a Trumansburg Village Trustee.

David Lytel, President of Sherpa Consulting Group (an online business development consultancy), and a former Member of the White House staff. David Lytel is President of Sherpa Consulting Group, which provides online business development advice and strategic planning services. Founded last year, its clients so far have included Sony, ASCII Corporation and America Online. A former member of the White House staff, David was co-developer and managing editor of the award-winning White House Web site, which Hotwired has called "easily one of the best sites on the Net." Starting next month he will be writing a monthly column on public policy for a new Microsoft online publication. Despite his lack of qualification in either category, he is listed in E-Mail Addresses of the Rich and Famous.

Alan K. McAdams, Professor and Managerial Economist, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University.

Peter McDonald, Founding member, Progressive Librarians Guild, and Library Director, NYS Agriculture Experiment Station, Geneva. Prior to Geneva, Peter was the Core Literature bibliographer at Mann Library at Cornell. Peter has been a librarian for 13 years, and has worked in a variety of positions, in both public and academic libraries. He is also past board chair of the Durland Alternatives Library, and was a founding member of the Progressive Librarians Guild.

Don Randel, Provost, Cornell University.

Bob Spaulding, Supervisor, Town of Caroline, "The Caroline Experience". Bob states, "All municipalities appear to be the same size when viewed on the World Wide Web. The look and feel depend more on imagination than the size of the budget." Bob recently took early retirement from Cornell to join his wife in Real Estate sales.

Ed Swayze, Program Director, Information and Referral Services, Human Services Coalition of Tompkins County, will speak on "GrassRoots Information and Referral". The Human Services Coalition provides information services, health systems planning and planning, coordination and technical assistance to the human services community of Tompkins County. Ed is also Vice President for Communications of the New York State Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (NYSAIRS).

Sarah Thomas, University Librarian, Cornell University.

Arthur Weeks, Executive Director, Finger Lakes Library System.

Mary Zingerella, Director of the Waterloo Library. Mary has been the director for just over one year. Within that time, the library has connected to the Internet via a grant through South Central Research Library System, and has gone on-line with circulation through the Dynix system. Up to that time, Waterloo had one Dynix connetion on a PC and one (SLOW) through one one of 2 Lepacs. Zingerella graduated from SUNY Geneseo, MLS in 1974, but has worked in many different other areas. She most recently worked as a site coordinator for a Family Literacy Program in a pilot program with Literacy Volunteers of Ontario County and grant coordinator for an LSCA grant with the Pioneer Library System.


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